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The German Black Bee Oranization (GBBO) is a community of beekeepers  which is enganged into optaining the Dark European Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera).

This community was established in the year 2019 through to the connection of the

“Interessengemeinschaft Dunkle Biene Bayern” and the “Sächsischen Imkerverein Dunkle Biene Erzebirge e.V.“ The participants of this association make up the breeding group „Dunkle Biene“ (Black Bee) in the “Landesverband der Sächsischen Imker”. They find support by the regional breeding chief and they are listed in the regional institude for bee science Hohen Neuendorf within the project “BeeBreed”.

Our breeding community works together with beekeepers of the whole country. Even Austrian beekeepers already joined. A lot of interested beekeepers are active participants in the GBBO.

We are as well getting supported by:
-“BUND-Landesverband Sachsen e.V.”
-“dem Verein zum Erhalt erzgebirgischer Lebensweise e.V.“
-“Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Sachsen e.V“ in Annaberg-Buchholz
– beekeeper oranizations which take care of the maintenance Ur-Bee in the north of the Alps.

The Black Bee extincted in 1975 trough massive ousting breeding. This makes us have to get our breeding materials from Scandinavia.

At this point we want to thank our fellow breeders for a good cooperation and the given trust.

In the GBBO there is no selection breeding. The maintenance of the natural qualities of the Dark Bee which distinquish it as a wild animal.

We do not support the commercialization!

To realize the goals of our breeding community we are happy to get any honorable help.

Besides the breeding activities we need a far ranged clarification.

The prejudice of the Black Bee must be defused. Not only in the beekeepers community.

We are happy about your help and an active exchange of experiences…